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Music in Games

Visit the Holland Pavillion (5422 NH) @ the Game Developers Conference  (March 25-27) in San Francisco.

TRIBE OF NOISE, the preferred partner of gamedevelopers in need for great music, will give away 500 exclusive access codes to an online selection of FREE, READY TO SHARE GAME MUSIC!

See you at the Holland Pavilion (March 25-27)!

FD (Dutch Financial Times)

Tribe of Noise - Ready to Share Music

Tribe of Noise - Ready to Share Music

FD March 11, 2009
(Dutch Financial Times, Nationwide)

Article about how Tribe of Noise is offering a modern solution for companies in need for music. Instead of copyright infringements, royalty and sync hassles Tribe of Noise is offering a free, 24/7 accessible and 100% legal solution (Creative Commons licensed) for brand managers, game developers, advertisement agencies, video sharing communities, broadcasters, filmmakers etc. Worldwide!

Ready to Share Music and thousands of composers, songwriters and bands interested in connecting with companies. Join Tribe of Noise! It’s FREE of course.