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Tribe of Noise musician featured on Time Square, NY

Dereck Rose featured on Time Square

Dereck Rose featured on Time Square

As the winner of the One Billion Fans Contest – a Tribe of Noise initiative – Dereck Rose is featured on the World’s Largest Digital Billboard in Times Square, NY! His winning music can be found and shared 24/7 on the Tribe of Noise site.

Musician Dereck Rose Wins One Billion Fans Contest

AMSTERDAM, April 9 /PRNewswire/ — Although CD sales are down there is still a lot to be gained by connecting musicians directly to company sponsors. Re/Max sponsored artist Dereck Rose was recently picked by an international jury consisting of Arne Frager who hosted the illustrious Metallica in his studio, Gary Platt founder of Full Sail University, Mike Linksvayer VP of Creative Commons Worldwide and Sem Bakker, nineties bass hero who played the major European concert stages.

dereck rose

dereck rose

During the last six months ten artists were carried to the top by fans direct internet voting. This year’s winner of the One Billion Fans Contest, Dereck Rose, was hand-picked by an international group of music connoisseurs.

Rose, a self-described “singer/songwriter and multi-instrumental musician” was born in Jamaica, moved with family to England where he was misunderstood and thus wrongly placed in a school for autistic children. A world citizen, he traveled throughout Europe, crossing into Israel, which he credits for his true musical inspiration.

One Billion Fans Judge, famed Arne Frager, owner of Plant Studios, host to many of the world’s greatest artists among them Prince, Fleetwood Mac and Aretha Franklin, said of Rose, “Excellent music and poetry, very versatile, a true Artist.”

The One Billion Fans Contest was an initiative of Tribe of Noise, the music sharing site which invokes Creative Commons to insure the legality. Mike Linksvayer, Vice President of Creative Commons Worldwide, said it is “innovative and forward thinking to allow the commercial use of music” and it can be done easily through the by-share alike license.

In keeping with the Tribe of Noise mission, artists were matched up with corporate sponsors. Rose’s Re/Max sponsor, Melissa Miller, lauded, “Dereck defines his sound as ‘True Homemade Music’ that caught our Real Estate eye and listening to his “Painted Boots” sealed the deal.” Re/Max In Motion promoted his music on their site, blogs, and shared his MP3s with their sphere of influence.

Another OBF judge, Gary Platt, co-founder of The Recording Workshop, Full Sail University, and Ex’pression College said, “Quality on Tribe of Noise is fantastic, I’m turning all my producers and people who need great music onto Tribe of Noise. Platt has worked with Bon Jovi, King Crimson, and McDonald’s.

As the winner, Dereck Rose will be featured on the World’s Largest Digital Billboard in Times Square, NY. His winning music can be found and shared 24/7 on the Tribe of Noise site.

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