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We need to innovate the music industry NOW!

[Please help us with your expertise]

As you all know the music industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift. Which is very exciting!

The traditional music industry is looking for new revenue models, musicians themselves are becoming business people and all (Internet / mobile) technology out there is used to the max.. right?! uh.. WRONG!

The industry is still making 30 billion dollar a year, not interested hard enough to change. Musicians care about there music and fans more than becoming actively involved in innovating their revenue models. And many creative minds still think that having a profile page online will make them superstars within days.

This is a wake up call! Like any business, we have to innovate, explore new opportunities, adapt to new times and next generations.

With all your knowledge and expertise we can and need to innovate the music industry right here, RIGHT NOW!

I would like to kick off with some of our own ideas, please feel free to edit mine, share yours or write about other music innovations. One thing: this post is all about sharing knowledge and helping each other so comments like ‘won’t work, bad idea, etc’ are only appreciated if you provide a better alternative.


– Hessel: “We learned big time from the open source community the last 10 years. Use open licensing models to share music and creativity: easy, transparent and legal. When we tell people about our Ready to Share music, we mean Ready to Share! No more scary copyright infringements means that promoting, using and distributing music is fun, powerful and easy again!” [Instead of using DRM or copyright Tribe of Noise uses a ‘copyleft’, Creative Commons license model]

– Hessel: “We facilitate a platform where musicians can connect directly with each other and industries still spending money (80-100 billion dollar a year) on music like advertisement agencies, game developers and broadcasters. We actively promote musicians but in the end musicians and companies should connect without us telling them to meet.” [Connect musicians with companies and facilitate the technology, legal framework and revenue models. Again using a transparent, open licensing model]

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