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Happy birthday dear Tribe members!

Today is July 14th!

The French revolution begins with the storming of the Bastille prison (

Alfred Nobel demonstrates his new invention, dynamite, for the first time

The American spacecraft Mariner 4 flies past Mars and takes photos of the Red planet.


July 14, 2008
Enlightenment in the music industry. Tribe of Noise opens their virtual doors (

In the first year you gave us loads of positive energy, prove that we could start a Tribe together. We met a lot of great creative minds with impressive ideas, heard and rated so many of beautiful songs, talked to industry professionals about how we can add value to you and a new music ecosystem and shook hands with heroes in the online (music) business.

With your enthusiasm, creativity and help we will continue to grow and improve our services. We will organize more live and online events, setup online contests (like, add cool features to help you connect with other Tribe members and generate as much exposure as possible to help you and your professional career.

Enjoy this great day and Let’s make some more Noise!

Kindest regards,

Chief of Noise

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