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Music Contest Turns into Battle

It’s getting busy at the Tribe Head Quarters! The Kalydo Music in Game Contest is a hot item in the media and.. guess what,
you can still participate and have your music featured in one of Kalydo’s most successful video games, Konstrukt Invasion!

And to make it even more exciting, you can now vote for the 1st Konstrukt Invasion Trailer Battle: THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN!
Check out: and VOTE! Try to influence the jury!

If you like the Battle feature, share it with your friends and spread the word. We’ll promise to do more before the end of the Music in Game Contest!

If you did not send in your own composition yet and do wish to participate, no worries..
We are not closing until the very last day of August, but hurry up though, you do not want to miss this opportunity for mega exposure!
For more information about the Kalydo Music in Game Contest, visit:

Let’s make some noise!

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