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Eindhoven – Sep 22, 2009 – Over the past weeks, almost 200 compositions were uploaded by Tribe of Noise members participating in Kalydo’s Music in Game Competition 2009. We are thrilled to announce not one but TWO winners:

  1. ‘In Game’ Music: Forest scene by VinceTheWebb! Vince, congratulations!
    The jury believes this is a “very original approach on how to create game music: Forest Scene matches the style and setting of Konstrukt Invasion best and the different styles of music are smoothly merged together, led by a futuristic, suitable dose of rhythm.”
  2. Menu Music: Main Theme from NightShader. Well done, Pascal!
    “A very epic track which one can’t listen to without being affected by its imposing gleam” are the praising words of the jury.

The jury was very impressed by the musical quality and creativity in the compositions and would like to congratulate the next three runners up:

  • Kalydo Classical, RubXProject: “The main theme is very catchy and gamey, would be ideal for a real time strategy game.”
  • Kaleidascope, TrennaJean: “A very nicely tensioned sound scape. Inventive rhythm section, deep instrumentals.”
  • Kalydo –Vincula, Kampmaniak: “Could very well be a track for the closing credits. Modest drama, covered by ‘computer-ish’ layers of percussion and sounds.”

Early next week, Konstrukt Invasion WITH the music of VinceTheWebb and NightShader will be available to many gamers around the world! Check Kalydo’s website


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