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Tribe of Noise comes to GoAnimate

I have some really exciting news to announce. We have partnered with GoAnimate in the USA, a online platform that allows people to express themselves through animation without having to learn to draw.

They have over 600,000 members sharing their animations online with friends, family and everyone else interested in their story/animation. Huge!

GoAnimate Press Conference

Started October the 21st. When their members go into the online GoAnimate studio they will see a new tab in the music section labeled Tribe of Noise. Here you will find a variety of Tribe music that you can now use in your animations. The songs will have a credit screen at the end of the animation, crediting the Tribe artist.

Screenshot GoAnimate Music library

Stay tuned to GoAnimate and Tribe of Noise for more great things coming soon.  Try GoAnimate yourself and have fun animating! Check out the recorded press conference is pleased to announce a partnership with Tribe of Noise is pleased to announce a partnership with Tribe of Noise, a Netherlands-based organization which helps connect musicians with professionals who need music.  HandBookLive was introduced to the company when invited by the Dutch government to attend an international conference in Amsterdam last month.

The relationship between the two companies will allow HandBookLive’s vendors to request custom music from Tribe of Noise artists or use Creative Commons licensed music for free in their product videos. This alliance is one of several ways that HandBookLive has made it easy for companies to produce product and service video guides.

Formed in September 2010, the new partnership will allow HandBookLive corporate customers to purchase custom music economically or license existing music for free from Tribe of Noise. In turn, Tribe of Noise musicians will receive increased exposure and potentially new paid assignments through referrals from An expansion of HandBookLive’s services to its business clients, the company also offers step-by-step guides for organizations that desire to produce a video, as well as a database of HandBookLive certified videographers across the country who are trained to produce educational product and service videos.

Laura Beken, Co-Founder and Vice President of, says, “Tribe of Noise’s passion to help musicians promote their work makes them a natural choice for HandBookLive. Our philosophies are very similar; we want to help businesses of all sizes succeed.”

Hessel van Oorschot, CEO of Tribe of Noise, states, “HandBookLive is a dynamic company with a great business sense and focus on consumer needs. We are very pleased that Tribe of Noise artists will gain increased exposure from this partnership with HandBookLive.”

About Tribe of Noise
Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tribe of Noise is an online music community connecting professionals with artists, filmmakers, videographers and others. Tribe of Noise’s mission is to be on the shortlist of professionals who need great music.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a consumer portal where companies post their product and service video guides. HandBookLive’s goal is to enable any business to use video effectively and provide value to consumers before and after a purchase.