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Do Ya Thing – London Getty Images


This was a very difficult thing to do for me over the last few weeks: keep quiet about the great global partnership Tribe of Noise signed with Getty Images. But yesterday evening, at the Getty Images Gallery in West End (London) I was the proudest Chief on the planet.

In front of a massive audience of music supervisors, photographers, producers, brand managers and creative directors Josh Rucci (Senior Director Media & Broadcast Getty Images) announced our partnership. This will be an amazing journey for both our teams. Congratulations to all involved!

Kicking off with publishing the featured winners of the first ” Tour Around the World”  (Edition Spain), a superb press release and a virtual briefing going out today to thousands of Tribe artists interested to produce catchy UK tracks (drum’n’bass to dub-step, from grime to uk garage) we are on a roll !

To all our talented Tribe members: We keep throwing opportunities in your direction. The only thing we are asking from you is: DoYaThing!

Tribe Gigs Live

It’s LIVE!
Check it out NOW!
Also available on your iPhone, Smartphone and Blackberry!

Amazing, huh? Oops.. sorry, forgot to mention our new app: TheGigMap ! Our FREE service for musicians and music venues to communicate their upcoming Gigs. Superstar or unknown local band, world famous concert hall or pub around the corner, performing yourself or helping out a friend. TheGigMap is YOURS!

If you have a gig people should know about: add it to TheGigMap!



The more people who know about your live gig, the bet ter! Right?! Well, only if these people actually turn up and pay of course. Use this free service to maximize your exposure! It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s for free!

TheGigMap is a mashup of Google Maps, Twitter and the Tribe community giving people all the need-to-know information to call their friends, grab their coats and get moving.

Not a geek? Not a rocket scientist?
So? To add a gig you click ‘add gig’ and fill in the form as d etailed as possible. That’s it!

Feed Me!
Add as many gigs as you want. Tell venues, promoters, managers, friends and family to use TheGigMap too. Promote your gigs and the Tribe.
On you find a ‘share’ button with services like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter or Email to spread the word.

Of course! We will launch more cool features to get the press talking about gigs, the Tribe and you! Your suggestions are welcome.

We wish you many gigs and packed venues!

Music Contest Turns into Battle

It’s getting busy at the Tribe Head Quarters! The Kalydo Music in Game Contest is a hot item in the media and.. guess what,
you can still participate and have your music featured in one of Kalydo’s most successful video games, Konstrukt Invasion!

And to make it even more exciting, you can now vote for the 1st Konstrukt Invasion Trailer Battle: THE BATTLE HAS BEGUN!
Check out: and VOTE! Try to influence the jury!

If you like the Battle feature, share it with your friends and spread the word. We’ll promise to do more before the end of the Music in Game Contest!

If you did not send in your own composition yet and do wish to participate, no worries..
We are not closing until the very last day of August, but hurry up though, you do not want to miss this opportunity for mega exposure!
For more information about the Kalydo Music in Game Contest, visit:

Let’s make some noise!

Happy birthday dear Tribe members!

Today is July 14th!

The French revolution begins with the storming of the Bastille prison (

Alfred Nobel demonstrates his new invention, dynamite, for the first time

The American spacecraft Mariner 4 flies past Mars and takes photos of the Red planet.


July 14, 2008
Enlightenment in the music industry. Tribe of Noise opens their virtual doors (

In the first year you gave us loads of positive energy, prove that we could start a Tribe together. We met a lot of great creative minds with impressive ideas, heard and rated so many of beautiful songs, talked to industry professionals about how we can add value to you and a new music ecosystem and shook hands with heroes in the online (music) business.

With your enthusiasm, creativity and help we will continue to grow and improve our services. We will organize more live and online events, setup online contests (like, add cool features to help you connect with other Tribe members and generate as much exposure as possible to help you and your professional career.

Enjoy this great day and Let’s make some more Noise!

Kindest regards,

Chief of Noise

We need to innovate the music industry NOW!

[Please help us with your expertise]

As you all know the music industry is in the middle of a paradigm shift. Which is very exciting!

The traditional music industry is looking for new revenue models, musicians themselves are becoming business people and all (Internet / mobile) technology out there is used to the max.. right?! uh.. WRONG!

The industry is still making 30 billion dollar a year, not interested hard enough to change. Musicians care about there music and fans more than becoming actively involved in innovating their revenue models. And many creative minds still think that having a profile page online will make them superstars within days.

This is a wake up call! Like any business, we have to innovate, explore new opportunities, adapt to new times and next generations.

With all your knowledge and expertise we can and need to innovate the music industry right here, RIGHT NOW!

I would like to kick off with some of our own ideas, please feel free to edit mine, share yours or write about other music innovations. One thing: this post is all about sharing knowledge and helping each other so comments like ‘won’t work, bad idea, etc’ are only appreciated if you provide a better alternative.


– Hessel: “We learned big time from the open source community the last 10 years. Use open licensing models to share music and creativity: easy, transparent and legal. When we tell people about our Ready to Share music, we mean Ready to Share! No more scary copyright infringements means that promoting, using and distributing music is fun, powerful and easy again!” [Instead of using DRM or copyright Tribe of Noise uses a ‘copyleft’, Creative Commons license model]

– Hessel: “We facilitate a platform where musicians can connect directly with each other and industries still spending money (80-100 billion dollar a year) on music like advertisement agencies, game developers and broadcasters. We actively promote musicians but in the end musicians and companies should connect without us telling them to meet.” [Connect musicians with companies and facilitate the technology, legal framework and revenue models. Again using a transparent, open licensing model]

Tribe of Noise musician featured on Time Square, NY

Dereck Rose featured on Time Square

Dereck Rose featured on Time Square

As the winner of the One Billion Fans Contest – a Tribe of Noise initiative – Dereck Rose is featured on the World’s Largest Digital Billboard in Times Square, NY! His winning music can be found and shared 24/7 on the Tribe of Noise site.

Tribe of Noise RADIO

Click here to open Tribe of Noise Radio

To listen, click here – To copy/paste the widget to your website, click here! It’s FREE! Enjoy!

Tribe of Noise button

Tribe of Noise, Announces One Billion Fans Contest to Musicians and the Masses

AMSTERDAM, November 13 /PRNewswire/ — Economic downturns always affect marketing budgets from major corporations to street corner musicians. Money troubles tend to bring out fear but not so for the people at Tribe of Noise. They have just announced their One Billion Fans Contest. ONE BILLION FANS! Is that even possible, you may ask? “Go out big or just stay home,” says Chief of Noise, Hessel van Oorschot.

    Here’s the deal – Fans go to and vote for
their favorite. The winner will be featured on the world’s biggest digital
billboard found in Times Square in New York City. Now that’s exposure! The
public voting contest ends on February 28th, 2009.

    “Getting attention is getting money,” said Gerd Leonhard, Media
Futurist, and Author of “Music 2.0”. He is right. In an ever increasingly
crowded consumer space, companies are seeking new ways to compete with
smaller and smaller budgets. A new sound can help them create a stand-out
corporate identity but they need to find it safely and not feel threatened
by legal action or forced to pay steep finders fees.

    Tribe of Noise has legally tackled the historic problem of sharing
music. It is the first and only website solely using the Creative Commons
license and user agreements to share music for commercial purposes. But
wait, Musicians and Corporations, isn’t that counterintuitive? “Nowadays
it’s about really making it all happen yourself,” said Gary Platt, winner
of RIAA Gold & Platinum Record Awards.

    Corporations are also invited to join in the fun and excitement. They
can “sponsor” their current employees, friends, family or favorite musician
from their own “street corner” in the online contest.

    “Wait ’til you see the One Billion Fans winner up in lights over one of
the busiest places in the world,” Mr. van Oorschot.

    For additional information on the One Billion Fans contest, please
contact Sandra Brandenburg or visit or .

    ABOUT Tribe of Noise – One-of-a-kind online community which allows
Independent Musicians to connect with Companies maximizing their message, building a global fan base, finding inspiration to/from musicians and enabling fans to find groundbreaking music, all legally. and