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The Power of Unplugged (Part II)

Introducing Corey Webb:

The Power of Unplugged (part I)

It probably tells how old I am but I watched almost every “MTV unplugged” show from the beginning, love it.

The power of unplugged is that it separates good artists from great artists. In many cases professional producers can do amazing things in studios with an average artist. So you end up with a nice music production for national radio but also with a big, big disappointment when you see them perform live.

Unplugged is,¬†uh, unplugged, no hiding behind the producer, no auto-tune etc. So I am very happy that we have artists picking up the challenge, performing live in front of a critical “we’ve seen it all” audience at our headquarters.

Introducing Paul Fogarty:

Promote Gigs the Cool & Easy Way

If it comes down to promoting gigs many venue managers and musicians rely on the power of word of mouth and leaflets. They would love to get a piece of the action online but where to start and what to do? How to tell more people to grab their coats and visit your gig?

TheGigMap is a FREE service for musicians and music venues to communicate their upcoming Gigs. Superstar or unknown local band, world famous concert hall or pub around the corner, performing yourself or helping out a friend. TheGigMap is YOURS!

The cool part: If you add your gigs, we will feature them online, on mobile phones, as a location based mobile service, a Vodafone 360 widget, even in a very cool augmented reality and award winning application called Layar.

Layar in Action

Layar in Action

The easy part: We offer you a non-geek ‘add gig’ form, check out and if you want to add many gigs in one batch, download this file and follow the instructions.

Want to become one of our ‘TheGigMap-ambassadors’ in your home town? Make sure we notice you. Send us pictures, blogs, tweets or other proof of your ambassador-skills.