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Most promising tech start up

Not sure if you have noticed but Microsoft is entering the exciting world of cloud computing, social networking and promising tech start ups.

We’ve noticed because Microsoft recently picked Tribe of Noise as one of the most promising tech start ups, thanks guys! But even better, they love the concept.

So, no surprise at all, they’ve choosen a Tribe of Noise artist to sync music with their promo video. Music by Alchemists of Sound

GoAnimate Music Video Winners Announced

First we would like to thank everyone that participated in our GoAnimate & Tribe of Noise Music Video contest! There were some really fantastic entries with so much creativity! It was a real pleasure watching all of your videos.

Special thanks to our sponsors: IK MultimediaAbletonSpreadshirtImage-Line softwareFxpansion and Media Satellite.


TOUJOURS with Alice TERMINA featuring IMOE (Termina Part II)

Click to Show Animation

* TOUJOURS will receive an iPod Touch and IMOE will receive an iPod Nano.


ETOURIST with Re-animatrix featuring Stoneye (Afghan Sands)

ETOURIST will receive the EZGenerator website development package sponsored by Image-Line and Stoneye will receive merchandise sponsored by Ableton

Runner up #2:

GAB0HTV with Mother Earth featuring Reebosound (Mother Earth)
Both receiving a €30 gift voucher sponsored by Spreadshirt

GoAnimate and Tribe of Noise Launch Online Music Video Contest

After signing a partnership last month, Tribe of Noise and GoAnimate launch their first global music video contest. The ultimate goal of the contest is to create ready-to-share animated music video productions by offering a collaborative framework for musicians, composers and animators.

Viral Video Please Share


Tribe of Noise and GoAnimate experience the amount of talented  individuals online is infinite. To amplify the creative strength of  their niche communities, one with musicians and one with animators, they  are now facilitating cross platform collaboration for the production of  animated music videos.

Hessel van Oorschot, Founder and CEO of Tribe of Noise: “Recently TED’s Chris  Anderson said the rise of web video is driving a worldwide phenomenon he  calls Crowd Accelerated Innovation, a self-fueling cycle of learning  that could be as significant as the invention of print. With this  contest GoAnimate and Tribe of Noise are creating the framework for  creative music and animation talent around the Globe, to meet, to create  and to have fun!”

“GoAnimate was created to let everyone make their own animations easily  and animated music video has always been a big genre on our site.  Our  previous programs with AKON and Willie Nelson generated massive  attention and showed us what a powerful combination animation and music  truly is”, states Alvin Hung, Founder and CEO of GoAnimate.  “We are  excited to work hand-in-hand with Tribe of Noise to extend the platform  to musicians around the globe.”

Musicians and composers interested in this contest? Check out:

Tribe of Noise comes to GoAnimate

I have some really exciting news to announce. We have partnered with GoAnimate in the USA, a online platform that allows people to express themselves through animation without having to learn to draw.

They have over 600,000 members sharing their animations online with friends, family and everyone else interested in their story/animation. Huge!

GoAnimate Press Conference

Started October the 21st. When their members go into the online GoAnimate studio they will see a new tab in the music section labeled Tribe of Noise. Here you will find a variety of Tribe music that you can now use in your animations. The songs will have a credit screen at the end of the animation, crediting the Tribe artist.

Screenshot GoAnimate Music library

Stay tuned to GoAnimate and Tribe of Noise for more great things coming soon.  Try GoAnimate yourself and have fun animating! Check out the recorded press conference is pleased to announce a partnership with Tribe of Noise is pleased to announce a partnership with Tribe of Noise, a Netherlands-based organization which helps connect musicians with professionals who need music.  HandBookLive was introduced to the company when invited by the Dutch government to attend an international conference in Amsterdam last month.

The relationship between the two companies will allow HandBookLive’s vendors to request custom music from Tribe of Noise artists or use Creative Commons licensed music for free in their product videos. This alliance is one of several ways that HandBookLive has made it easy for companies to produce product and service video guides.

Formed in September 2010, the new partnership will allow HandBookLive corporate customers to purchase custom music economically or license existing music for free from Tribe of Noise. In turn, Tribe of Noise musicians will receive increased exposure and potentially new paid assignments through referrals from An expansion of HandBookLive’s services to its business clients, the company also offers step-by-step guides for organizations that desire to produce a video, as well as a database of HandBookLive certified videographers across the country who are trained to produce educational product and service videos.

Laura Beken, Co-Founder and Vice President of, says, “Tribe of Noise’s passion to help musicians promote their work makes them a natural choice for HandBookLive. Our philosophies are very similar; we want to help businesses of all sizes succeed.”

Hessel van Oorschot, CEO of Tribe of Noise, states, “HandBookLive is a dynamic company with a great business sense and focus on consumer needs. We are very pleased that Tribe of Noise artists will gain increased exposure from this partnership with HandBookLive.”

About Tribe of Noise
Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tribe of Noise is an online music community connecting professionals with artists, filmmakers, videographers and others. Tribe of Noise’s mission is to be on the shortlist of professionals who need great music.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a consumer portal where companies post their product and service video guides. HandBookLive’s goal is to enable any business to use video effectively and provide value to consumers before and after a purchase.

MIDEM 2010

Yes, I have to admit I am still Midem green. This will be my first year attending one of the largest music industry conferences in the world.


The good news is, we received many emails over the last few weeks inviting us. We hope to grow the success of the Tribe by connecting with some very exciting (new media) industry names.

Tribe members can help me during my trip to Cannes. Keep an eye on the MIDEM 2010 Tweeple list I made. If you think I should meet with one of the other attendees because you know them or think they can contribute to your success (and the Tribe), let me know.

If you want to help promoting the Tribe, share this video!

Five Powerful Tribe Tools

As you know our Tribe is all about connecting and sharing. We like to facilitate all the tools to collaborate with musicians worldwide, generate business contacts, valuable exposure and new revenue models.

My Top 5 Powerful Tribe Tools for you

1. MUSIC & BRANDS (new)
Did you upload a song that should be in the new Audi commercial, Sex and The City TV series, Gran Turismo videogame, Motorola ringtone or Hugo’s next fashion show? Add BRAND TAGS to your music files!

By adding BRAND TAGS to your song your music will be indexed by our servers and easier to find by marketers and brand managers in need for specific brand related music.

How to tag a song already uploaded?
Login, go to main menu MUSIC, sub menu MY MUSIC GALLERY and click ‘edit’ next to your song. Scroll down to MUSIC & BRANDS, add your BRAND TAGS and don’t forget to save your update.

Are you a performing artist? TheGigMap is the tool for you AND for all the venues and professionals you work with!

With one easy online form to fill out your gig will automatically generate a digital marker on Google Maps, tweet your gig to all your followers and send the information to and a mobile app (for all you geeks: yes! iPhone and Android compatible) Friends, fans and venues can share your gig on ALL social networks (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.) and via email of course 😉

You have created a great song, but you know it can be better.. Upload your song and ask our GOLDEN EARS Pro Team supervised by Tycho Schipper to give you the necessary feedback or master engineer the music file. It’s about you, your song, your sound ONLY WAY BETTER! Check out Golden Ears

For all of you participating in Kalydo’s Music in Game Contest: Kalydo’s Audio Team will announce the winner soon!

Braking News – This week Tribe of Noise will send out a press release announcing the Twinners Music TV pilot 2009. If you want to participate – your music in a TV pilot – go to Twinners Music TV pilot NOW!

Use the Tribe Invite Center to send invites to other musicians you like to connect with, venues you play, marketers and brand managers you think should listen to your songs. In short, invite all the people you like to work with in the future! Ask them to connect with you on Tribe of Noise. Please use this tool wisely and avoid SPAM.

I hope you like my top 5 list of Powerful Tribe Tools and if you have a great idea for a new Tribe Tool… please let us know!

Chief of Noise
Let’s make some Noise!

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Tell your friends

The Kalydo Music in Game contest 2009 is becoming a big hit.

Any creative friends (musicians, composers, songwriters) you want to tell about it?

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Music in Games

Visit the Holland Pavillion (5422 NH) @ the Game Developers Conference  (March 25-27) in San Francisco.

TRIBE OF NOISE, the preferred partner of gamedevelopers in need for great music, will give away 500 exclusive access codes to an online selection of FREE, READY TO SHARE GAME MUSIC!

See you at the Holland Pavilion (March 25-27)!

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