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Tribe of Noise launches online service for rights-inclusive music

Award-winning music community Tribe of Noise announces the official launch of PRO, a paid online service for the licensing of rights-inclusive music. Tribe of Noise will unveil its new service at Cannes where the largest music conference in the world, Midem, is to be held on January 30, 2012.

PRO is a ground breaking concept designed to connect the creativity of talented artists with media professionals who are seeking great music for their projects. PRO eliminates the need for music publishers, labels, and management organizations, while maintaining an easy-to-use and transparent platform that allows musicians and professionals to connect directly. Finding the right music for a professional’s next project is as simple as logging in to the website and listening to the selections of licensed music.Tribe of Noise PRO

Named by Microsoft as one of the most promising tech start ups of 2011, Tribe of Noise tested its services in the commercial industry over the course of the year. Brands such as Hunkemöller, KIA Motors and, expressed enthusiastic responses about the quality of Tribe of Noise’s music they found on the beta version of PRO. Since then, Tribe of Noise has been approached by international music supervisors, advertising agencies, video producers, and other media professionals who have been in discussion about upgrading the product.

For media professionals who do not find the sound that they are looking for, PRO provides a space for virtual briefings on their website. Here, professionals can immediately approach thousands of Tribe of Noise artist members with their visions for their projects so that the members can create music tailored to the professional’s needs.

“Our main objective behind PRO is to provide musicians with a platform on which they can share their music without having to sacrifice the musician’s independence in how they do so,” said Hessel van Oorschot, CEO at Tribe of Noise. “PRO makes use of the latest communication techniques and social networking which has had a remarkable effect in allowing musicians to cooperate and work with fellow musicians from around the world.”

“What makes Tribe of Noise different from the usual social networks? Tribe of Noise is focused on business opportunities, including licensing of my music for video productions, games and documentaries, and also has a team of enthusiastic community managers, sales and legal advisors to support me,” said Mary Jennings, Tribe of Noise artist and New York based successful singer-songwriter. “I can always just call and this personal approach makes Tribe of Noise unique.” is pleased to announce a partnership with Tribe of Noise is pleased to announce a partnership with Tribe of Noise, a Netherlands-based organization which helps connect musicians with professionals who need music.  HandBookLive was introduced to the company when invited by the Dutch government to attend an international conference in Amsterdam last month.

The relationship between the two companies will allow HandBookLive’s vendors to request custom music from Tribe of Noise artists or use Creative Commons licensed music for free in their product videos. This alliance is one of several ways that HandBookLive has made it easy for companies to produce product and service video guides.

Formed in September 2010, the new partnership will allow HandBookLive corporate customers to purchase custom music economically or license existing music for free from Tribe of Noise. In turn, Tribe of Noise musicians will receive increased exposure and potentially new paid assignments through referrals from An expansion of HandBookLive’s services to its business clients, the company also offers step-by-step guides for organizations that desire to produce a video, as well as a database of HandBookLive certified videographers across the country who are trained to produce educational product and service videos.

Laura Beken, Co-Founder and Vice President of, says, “Tribe of Noise’s passion to help musicians promote their work makes them a natural choice for HandBookLive. Our philosophies are very similar; we want to help businesses of all sizes succeed.”

Hessel van Oorschot, CEO of Tribe of Noise, states, “HandBookLive is a dynamic company with a great business sense and focus on consumer needs. We are very pleased that Tribe of Noise artists will gain increased exposure from this partnership with HandBookLive.”

About Tribe of Noise
Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tribe of Noise is an online music community connecting professionals with artists, filmmakers, videographers and others. Tribe of Noise’s mission is to be on the shortlist of professionals who need great music.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a consumer portal where companies post their product and service video guides. HandBookLive’s goal is to enable any business to use video effectively and provide value to consumers before and after a purchase.